List 8 Best Brand of Sneakers

Sneakers are the most popular shoes in the world. People love this type of shoes because of their casual nature and they can be worn on every occasion. The following are the best sneaker brands to choose from either for sports or leisure walk.

1. Nike
Nike has improved its status since 1964 and it is in the top of the best brand of sneakers in the whole world. It has a collection of both athletes and sneakers alike. Nike has been very popular for a long time.

Nike was inspired by the Cortez shoe created by Bill Bower man, a legendary coach, and co-founder of Nike, who created it for athletics and it is now found everywhere in people’s wardrobes.

The Max 90 sneakers have also gained popularity when Nike released its design. It has a soft and nice air cushioning. Nike sneakers are the best, affordable and can be obtained from all parts of the world.

2. Adidas
This is a German multi-national company that designs and manufactures shoes, accessories, and clothing. Adidas is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the whole world.

Their aim was to make products that are wonderful for all users. Their shoes come in all styles and colors and are suitable and comfortable for old men and women, teens, doctors, builders, etcetera.

The brand has influenced both the fashion world and the sports arena with famous three stripes seen everywhere on the field and on the fashion weeks.

3. Converse
This is a brad for almost everyone. It is suitable for sports, school, and work. The shoes have an edgy twist which makes them the best taste for adults, teenagers, and kids.

These shoes are also very good for leisure, playing or lazing or for fashion shows. Since 1900’s the brand has been taking care of the sports and entertainment industries.

4. Puma
Puma is one of the leading sports brands in the world and their services are found in over 130 countries. In sports and athletics, Puma brand shoes help you perform at your best while looking smart.

Puma has been a renowned name for being the leader of the athletic success since 1924.

It’s most popular designs arose when famous basketball players pleaded for comfortable suede sneakers. This later became a classic shoe on the courts and streets.

This brad has teamed up and is being represented by the biggest companies in both sports and entertainment industries.

5. Reebok
This brad relies on its cute styling although it can produce beautiful designs in an efficient way. The company began as a cycling shoe company and afterward started creating sneakers for running like the Classic Leather that is now worn in the streets. The sneakers can also be used for leisure walks and gymnastics.

6. Superga
This brand of sneakers is very popular and produces shoes in every season. The company was started in 1911 and became the footwear for Italians due to its high-quality nature. Men, women, and children can wear the pair of shoes with any variety of ensembles.

7. Onitsuka Tiger
This brand tends to have a very fresh twist. The Onitsuka Tiger sneakers come with a difference in colors and wonderful upgrades. The purpose of this brand was to create smart sneakers for sports that can motivate young people to stay active and healthy. Their sneakers are well known since 1966.

8. Asics Tiger
These shoes are designed especially for sports but they are found everywhere and in every day on the streets and workplaces. The shoes are in between leisurewear and sportswear with nice designs that are suitable for all styles.

To conclude, the world of sneaker shoes has noted an increase of interests from fashion lovers and the sports industry. This has made them produce more and more sneakers in order to take care of the vast growing economy.