Tips of Keep Your Feet Happy with The Perfect Snow Boots!

When it snows it becomes important to keep warm from head to toe. When it comes to feet, snow boots are the best way to keep your fit warm, dry and comfortable while avoiding the harsh cold that winter is associated with.


With the variety of snow boots out there, one needs a bit of insight in how to choose the best snow boots for whichever activity. Here are a few useful tips to ease your process of choice.

Boot size

The boot size will usually determine how comfortable the boots will be on your feet. You usually want to get a perfect fit that is not too loose as to hinder your movement nor too tight as to interfere with circulation and comfort.


A good fit should allow you to wear your desired socks and still be able to move your toes. It is always wise to try boots on before making a purchase.

Boots Insulation

This is majorly what separates winter boots from normal boots because of the greater necessity to keep feet warm. The amount of insulation usually varies in these boots giving you the leeway to choose the amount of warmth you desire. The numerical measure of boot insulation is in grams with more grams usually indicating greater insulation.

Water resistant versus water proof boots

In winter, outside moisture is prone to get on your boots. It becomes important therefore to have a feature that protects you from this as any moisture you may encounter will be extremely cold. Water proof boots are made using materials that are inherently water proof such as rubber or leather.


These are perfect for complete evasion of wetness but come at the cost of breath-ability and style. Water resistant boots become more attractive for people to whom this matters. They offer less protection from wetness though this can be remedied by getting extra liners to switch if the first one gets wet.


The bottom-line is that water resistant boots are suited for running quick errands under low exposure to ice, rain or snow while water proof boots better for long errands with greater exposure to moisture.

Boot use

The type of snow boot you need greatly depends on the kind of use you want to put the boot to. For snowshoeing, ice fishing and shoveling, you will usually need boots with an insulated liner to keep your feet warm.


Snow boots for hunting need to be lighter in weight and require less insulation. Work boots for outdoor work in winter are more or less like hunting boots but made of thicker material to provide more warmth and stability.

Boot traction and stability

Maneuvering snow and ice can be tricky and having the wrong snow boots can cause serious injury due to slips and falls. Good snow boots should be slip resistance with features like treaded rubber soles that help grip slippery or wet grounds. Some boots have special lugs that prevent snow build up on the bottom of the boot allowing for easier movement.


A good pair of boots is priceless during winter as it is the only way to enjoy outdoor activities during the coldest period of the year. The tips above bring you a step closer to getting the best boots for winter use with the myriads available in the market today. Follow them and your feet will thank you once the sun shines again.


Best Winter Boots – Mou Boots

Mou boots are kind of shoes that cover the entire foot up to the ankle. Mou Boots are manufactured in England by Mou LTD. Mou LTD had additional branches within the UK and Canada, before opening other branches in other regions around the world. Mou boots are made from a waterproof rubber material that does not let in water even if a person walks on water. Mou boots have a smooth lining that keeps a person’s legs and the shoes in close contact. Initially, the boots had flat soles but they today there are other varieties including hill boots. The shoes get produced from hides of animals like cows, goat, and sheep.


Mou boots are available in most countries, more so in the European countries where they become suitable for winter season. Apart from the European nations, mou boots are readily available in USA, Australia, and Brazil. The spread of the shoes occurred quickly because of globalization, other than the online store where any person can buy. Mou boots come in various categories that depend on a person’s preference and tastes which do not get limited to mini mou boots, Eskimo boots, and shearing boots. New variants get released into the market daily, which aims to increase the company’s target market. Mou eskimo have unique features that create a huge market base for the boots that include men, women, children or even adults.


However, children and women are the highest customers, and particularly females. Mou boots are mostly suitable for winter seasons because of their exceptional warming features. Mou boots are also used during sporting events, mainly snow-related games. Mou boots are favorable in sporting because of the adverse weather condition. There are mou boot varieties that are usable during summer. Mou boots come in different colors and designs, for instance, there are boots that cover the entire feet to the ankle, and others that cover up to the knees. The boots come in different colors, including red, white, blue or green. The colors differ because female clients are profoundly color sensitive, they buy what matches their clothing colors.


Mou eskimo are reasonably priced, though the costs vary depending on the boot type or the material used to manufacture them. The designs determine the apparent values, for instance, boots are relatively expensive to regular shoes. The fashion also contributes to the prices of the boots, but other brands are cheap. Boots that are the latest in fashion become expensive. Mou eskimo are essential because of their durability and produced from quality elements that let them last long. The boots are also warm and smooth to wear.


The boots are suitable for winter season. The prices of the boots depending on the quality of the material, and they widely vary so that a person is barely likely to miss on the right boots. Globalization has increased the availability of the boots to different areas of the world, or even makes an order from the comfort of their homes, thanks to the website. Customers who live far from the stores might wait for a few days to get their boots delivered.

The Mou Boots: Your partner in comfort and fashion

When you sit down and draw your footwear shopping list, mou boots should be at the top. This is because mou boots cover you well both in summer and winter. Apart from this, boots come with a battery of advantages that other brands do not offer.


They are Unisex

The mou boots are diversified to a classic level of glamour and splendor for both male and female. Finding cool boots that do fit you on the basis of your gender is frustrating. These boots come with quality regardless of your gender and this distinguishes them from others that discriminate people because of the gender. Both male and female are well taken care of. Apart from this, they also cater for children, bringing out their diversity and variety in their collection.


Superior Quality Material

The sole is important for any footwear because that is where tear and wear starts. These boots have soles made of rubber making them durable and light. You can rock and roll in them without the fear that comes with other brands. Rubber grips the floor tight, making them comfortable since you will not sprain your ankle or slip on some floors. The upper part is made of wool and leather, giving you the much-needed warmth and comfort. They are hand-crafted from sheep-skin, goatskin, and cowhide that make them versatile and unique. The rubber, leather, and wool make the boots waterproof, warm, durable and reliable.


They are Trendy

While most of the brands on the market leave you torn between fashion and durability, comfort and fashion, mou boots give you all. Because they come in different stylish colors, they easily blend with other hosts of clothing like the leather jacket, cardigans or even puttees. This gives you ample time when choosing what to wear with which boots.


Supreme Protection

The length of the boots will protect your trousers against mud and water splashed by passing vehicles or even the raindrop pitter-patter. Their design allows you to tuck in the trousers thereby protecting them from dirt. Apart from the dirt, the boots also give you warmth needed during winter. This cold season usually throws people into a spin, taking long to dress as they search for footwear that is warm yet fashionable. Mou boots keep you warm all through; you may not even feel that chill outside.


Can be Cleaned Easily

You only need a sponge and water to clean that rubber sole and leather upper part. Unlike other brands that require expensive detergents or professional cleaning services, mou eskimo are simple to clean, dry and retain that sparkling look by applying suede on them. Suede is easy to apply and also contributes to the boots longer life. While cleaning footwear is the most uncleanly part, mou boots do not leave you with that feeling.


Easily Accessible

Mou eskimo are easily accessible to customers across the globe. They can be purchased online and have them delivered or shipped to the customer’s doorstep. The customer, at their comfort, can select the color and size and pay for them using a variety of payment methods stipulated on their website. This easiness means that comfort is extended right from purchase to use.



If you are looking for what to wear in winter and summer, Mou are your footwear choice. They offer you design, comfort, protection, accessibility, and variety that other brands do not have. These boots should be a must-have on your footwear shopping list.

Everything You Need to Know about Mou Boots

Mou is a french word for soft and mou boots are most certainly soft and pleasing to touch. Over the years, boots have been redefining fashion and this has made them so unique. A number of people know about mou boots, however, not everybody knows all about these boots. Cheap is expensive, however, these boots may not be the cheapest around but this is expected for any quality product. Among the many possible variations of foot wear, boots are definitely a good option especially during the winter season. Apart from offering comfort, warmth and ease, they are a good fashion accessory. These boots are unisex, have the perfect color, make and size hence suitable for both genders and children. Some of the available colors are black, brown, green, orange, nude yellow, neutral, navy, grey mini, silver, taupe, tan mini and white mini among others.

As compared to other boots in the market, mou boots are undoubtedly known to have unique and the best qualities. They are handcrafted using environmental friendly and ethically produced leathers obtained from a wide range of animal varieties (cow, goat and sheep skins among others), threads and fibers. These boots are definitely a whole package of what a customer would be looking for in terms of style, durability, uniqueness, variety and pocket friendliness. To ensure customers comfort-ability, they are fitted with inner linings and to ensure their durability, their exterior is finished off with quality materials. To complement them, they are fitted with a gentle but sturdy rubber sole with appealing colors. Finally, to add style so as to fully satisfy different needs of different customers, they are seamlessly sown together with a variety of finishing touches which include tassels, buckles, fur, zips and laces.

These boots are particularly suitable for activities that require feet protection from the cold. Some of these activities include snowmobiling, sledding, fishing among others. However, they are not only suitable during winter but also for casual walking.

Some of the advantages of these boots that makes them outstanding are;

  1. a) They are long lasting

These boots have been carefully designed, manually and technologically engineered to last for a very long time. With their Eco-friendliness in the manufacturing techniques, their long lasting design is prioritized with the sturdy soles.

  1. b) They are convenient

This is because these boots can be worn everywhere and in different weather conditions. They can further withstand snow and long rains because they are water proof and are extremely durable by design.

  1. c) They have a natural design

This is because they are handcrafted with natural fibers, threads and animal skins making them more unique and soft to touch.

  1. d) They are readily available for everyone

They come in different styles and designs suitable for children, women and men and due to this they have gained popularity across the globe hence enhancing online marketing. Among these different designs are slippers, mid boots, sneakers and tall boots. Women’s boots are virtually taller in size upward compared to those of men and children.

  1. e) They are affordable

Their prices vary depending on gender, material used to make them, sizes and designs hence giving consumers a range of product prices to choose from.

  1. f) Ease of care and maintenance

In most cases, while one is purchasing a foot wear, one of the factors to put into consideration is ease of care and maintenance. Every one prefers to buy a pair of boot that does not take much to clean, care or maintain. Mou boots only requires treatment with warm water, shampoo and a sponge.

Get yourself a pair of mou boots and confirm all the advantages pointed out above.

Mou Boots, The Best Choice

Have you ever thought of staying comfy and pretty stylish in a pair of boots? Worry no you have to try something different. Mou Boots are here for you and are made by the mou company. This is a brand that offers protection, style, and absolute comfort. Comfort is enhanced by the smooth inside lining. Protection is enhanced by the rubber material used on the outside that is waterproof and hard. The style is enhanced by the different tastes and preferences it comes with. In a nutshell, it is like killing three birds with a single stone. Here are more reasons why you should choose this brand.

High-quality material

The sole is made of rubber. This material makes the boots very durable as it is resistant to wear and tear during usage. Moreover, rubber offers a tight grim of the surface while walking. The material also makes the boots light for your feet. Sometimes the upper part of the boot is made of leather and wool which adds to the comfort.

Unisex boots

Have you ever felt the disappointment of spotting a pair of shoes that catch your eyes, fits you and is at your financial scope and realized that is was not meant for your gender? Well, mou has covered you fully as they make boots that are meant for both female and male gender. The quality and design do not lean towards a gender. It is absolute diversity.

Provide maximum protection

This is closely related to the quality of materials used to make the boots. They protect you from a lot. Firstly, during the cold season, the smooth lining on the inside and the wool make them warm and protect your feet from cold. Secondly, in a wet environment, the rubber material that is waterproof protects from the entry of water. Mou eskimo also lengthy to protect your trouser from splashing water and mud. They also have a space that you can tuck a trouser. For the summer season, there are also boots made to cater for the summer needs.

Easy to clean

It is very disappointing and demoralizing to have a pair of shoes that are very hard to clean. Mou eskimo has averted this frustration with the easy to clean boots. You only need little water, some soap, and a spongy material to get them clean faster.

Wide range of usage

Mou boots have a very wide variety of usage call season’s sons. Apart from the protective advantage they have during winter and summer, they can also be used for gaming activities such as the snow games.

To sum that up, the boots come in almost all colors such as black, white, green, and red thus you choose your favorite. They can also be paired with all outfits such as boot cut jeans, tights, distressed jeans, skirts and other leggings. Pairings make you look gorgeous and classy. Their design also varies as they can cover feet and ankles, all the way up to the knee as well as feet only.

Therefore, mou boots are the boots to choose for all your needs. They are durable, made of materials with very high quality to make them long-lasting and their unique features make them the best of all the seasons. They are also readily available in most markets in many countries When Christmas is coming. They are very affordable depending on the make and type.