How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe With MOU Boots?

Have you ever walked past a chic lady and couldn’t help but stare at her boots?

A strange winter style boot, perhaps?

Chances are you saw a pair of MOU boots. MOU boots are a spin on Eskimo boots that has evolved from functional to fashion-forward.

MOU came about in 2002, and since then they’ve built a cult following through word of mouth. The boots have the rubber soles and sheepskin material. Yet, it’s the iconic hand-stitched wool seam that holds the boot together that turns heads.

Although the company has evolved to carry Eskimo slippers, high heels, it’s their boots that have maintained popularity over the years.

Mou Boots Street Style

Why You Should Pick Up A Pair?

1. Fashionable: The boots come in a range of styles. From high boots to low cut boots, these boots are versatile for any situation during the winter months. They come in velvet, sheepskin, and even leather. So your boots go with any outfit you put together.

2. Soft: When you put MOU boots on, you immediately feel the comfort. The inside is usually lined with wool or sheepskin. You can wear them all day and feel confident and comfortable.

3. Functional: Although they’re chic, they are still rugged. So during harsh winter days, they’ll hold up well. The MOU brand did not forgo the purpose of Eskimo boots for style. So you can expect them to keep you warm, last a long time, and boost your confidence as you strut in style.

Mou Boots for Women

Five ways to style your MOU boots

Your MOU boots will help you make a fashion statement, without saying a word. Here are some great ways you can dress them up.

1. Level up with Leather: A pair of the high top or mid boots goes great with leather pants. Keep it classic with brown or black pants, as they can go with almost any color and design boot.

2. Casual Look: Pair your boots with jeans, a shirt, and your jacket. You would look great at school or the office, then easily transition to a casual Friday event.

3. Leggings: MOU Boots pair well with your favorite patterned leggings. They work for a quick trip to the mall with friends or your Saturday errands.

4. Flannel: Look pretty in plaid as you match your boots with your favorite flannel shirt. Tie it around your waist or use it as a warm layer. Flannel can really make your wedge boots stand out.

5. Sweats: You can even dress them down with your favorite pair of sweats. Grey sweatpants with black, brown or red boots can make even the simplest sweats seem stylish.

Get in your closet and think of all the ways you can dress up your boots before your order your next pair.

My Mou, My Style

Five Places to Find Mou at A Bargain

Due to their popularity, MOU boots can be a bit expensive. But if you look closely, you can find MOU boots, boot sneakers, and boot wedges, for great prices. Here’s where you could find these boots at affordable prices.

1. EBay: EBay is a go-to to find MOU boots at a discount. Find girls who got the wrong size and want to get them off their hands, for a fraction of the cost. If you’re using eBay, make sure to refine your search to New’. Also, check the seller’s rating and comments so that you’re buying from a trusted source.

2. Stylight: is not a store, but a search engine. If you search on the site for Mou boots, they will curate items from over 1000 stores. They also find the best deals, meaning you can get 30 – 50% off on boots. You can even sign up for alerts, based on your price range, so they can send you emails on deals.

3. Mou Online Sale: Another online platform, they partner with the best stores and brands to bring the best to their online shop. You can find boots between 20% – 60%. Like Mou Sale, you can subscribe to their alert program for price drops.

4. Amazon Fashion: Although you may not get much variety on Amazon, you can find MOU boots there at excellent prices. Use the search bar and try different search variations. Like most sites, Amazon can send you updates on new stock.

Are You Ready For A MOU Upgrade?

We love dressing up our MOU boots and we’re sure you will too. They’re so versatile, comfortable, and functional. You can get them without breaking the bank, check these suggestions and you can be rocking a pair of MOU’s in no time.