Brace yourself with these 5 winter boots brands

With winter coming up, you will defiantly need some quality boots to help in making your day a little bit easier. So here are 5 of the best winter boots brands out there on the market.

1- Under Armour (UA)
one of the world-wide leading companies in manufacturing foot wear, UA combines both looks and quality material, they’re one of the bestsellers in winter boots, offering different collections that will surly meet your expectations. You can check the UA brow tine 800g reaching $200,you might find it on sale for way lower prices on specialized websites like
And for the ladies there’s the UA Clackamas Women’s available in 2 color ways, gray/black and pirate blue and for only $130, which also can be found for lower prices.
UA is your go-to destination if you’re a man/woman who prefers getting boots to count on and also grabs the eyes.

2- Baffin
making it their target and top priority to design boots for extreme performance and conditions, their boots are known to be durable and dependent in the most challenging conditions, not only that they have fairly reasonable prices compared to the quality they provide. A recommended product would be the Baffin crossfire suited for super cold weather and for only $170 and the Baffin Chloe is one of women’s best seller not your everyday pack boots that can be bought for $155coming in Black, taupe, dark chocolate and sand.
Baffin is for those who fight the freezing winters on daily basis and need a reliable boot to depend on for the whole day.
3- mou.
Founded by Shelley Tic borne, mou boots are comfortable, made of natural fibers, resistant and tough. They truly have the most unique and beautiful designs out there on the market, combining elegance with simplicity but still looking fresh. The ski boots collection for men and women will make you feel warm just by looking at them. Check there website and stay tuned for special offers.
Mou designs are for those who choose to wear cloth that makes a statement of uniqueness and beauty.

4- Sorel
Well known for their thermal reflective boots Sorel are experts in making boots and cloth for cold weather, having a “polar bear” as their logo should tell you how much they’re focused on making products that deals with the cold. Sorel Alpha Pac XT is a boot that is waterproof and have -60F removable felt liner making it one of the best winter boots on the market and you can get it for only $150 we also have the sorrel pull on for women which is really easy to wear, having a very fashionable look in addition to its heals that will be very helpful if you happened to cross a puddle. For $130.
Sorel is where to go if you’re looking for boots with simple yet captivating designs and maximum durability for cold.

Iconic for their boots that are made of rubber able to stick to slippery surfaces and even ice, Ice bug is the solution you’re looking for, if you have a lot of activities outside but the weather is not helping you. Their speed bug rip is one of the latest releases offering high traction and sticking to any surface coming in black and true black for $200 and ice bug Diana grip for women also having the latest griping technology and an outstanding exterior for also $200.
Ice bug boots are for the ones that will no longer make you slip on ice or have hard time walking because the ground is too slippery.


Sometimes choosing the right winter footwear can be hectic considering that there are many types of winter boots. It is therefore very important to take some quality time to learn and understand the item that is crucial to keeping you comfortable and safe, keep your feet warm, and eventually saves you time from thinking about keeping your feet warm and thus allowing you to enjoy the winter.

There is a very broad category of winter boots available in the market. The difference between models is both subtle and drastic. This article will go into depth on the categories of winter boots and how you can choose what suits you according to how much you walk, which boots are the warmest and eventually which ones are satisfactory for protecting you from the winter whilst still suitable to go on with your daily work.

Warmest winter boots

Snow boots

They are the warmest boots available in the market. They are made waterproof and this is made possible by the rubber soles which make it possible without any added waterproof treatment. This also makes the boots the easiest to clean by just rinsing them down. The material used on the upper part of the boots is leather or nylon. Soft warm fabrics or faux sheepskin layers make the insoles. Snow boots are readily available for both men and women at an affordable price.

Winter boots suitable for walking

If you out looking for winter boots that will be both warm and convenient for walking, the best winter footwear here will be a pair of hiking or a pair of walking boots. Winter boots are only designed to keep your feet dry and warm during the winter season and not to make you comfortable while taking a long walk. On the other hand, walking boots are made to make you comfortable while walking and keep your feet warm and safe. It is also possible to find waterproof hiking or walking boots. All these boots are made to keep your feet warm and dry during the winter.

Winter boots with the best grip

When it comes to the grip ones again snow boots are what to go for. The rubber soles on them has a good grip which makes them very suitable for walking on snow and ice. Snow boots are mainly made for people who are constantly experiencing winter. This means as winter is associated with ice too, this boots have to provide protection and warmth for the feet as well as a good grip.

If you are on the lookout for everyday winter boots, there are several ways to add grip on the boots and improve their traction. One way is to buy city crampons. This is basically a rubber band that is used to wrap the shoes around the soles. There is a small coil made of metal which runs across the sole of the shoe. They are excellent when dealing with icy conditions since the coils stick to into the ice as a result a very firm grip. You can look for other winter boots to serve the same purpose, this include winter boots with a strong rubber tread like the wellington boots.

Winter boots for driving

When driving you do not need big bulky winter boots. This is because if the boots are too big they can get stuck under the pedals or catch on two pedals which can be very dangerous. For winter boots that you can wear while driving look for the ones that do not enlarge your feet size so can control the pedals as normal. Here you can consider wearing walking boots if you do not want to swap shoes ones you get out of the car.

Winter boots for work

There is no limit to the number of winter boots available that you can wear throughout winter with any outfit to work. All you have to do is look around and try on different winter boots and eventually find what you love. Some of them are even waterproof keeping your feet dry and warm in the winter season.

If it is snowing so much and there is ice, then you should avoid heels. Consider wearing flat ankle boots which are smart enough for work. Leather or leather look boots with some smart buckles or laces. Do not be afraid to explore various stylish winter boots convenient for your work wardrobe.