8 Perfect Boots Brands for Your Stylish and Hardworking Feet

Just like you have your own preferred brand of coat or trousers. Each and every focused shoe lover will have an opinion about the perfect brand of boots which are determined by how you plan to use them.

Fashion insider in the construction industry and even factories, who will prefer work boots brands like timberland. However you use them, whether dress boots or rubber boots, cheap or expensive, they should do what they were intended to do: protect the feet.

So which foot wear is perfect for you in regards to what you intend to do?

Below are 8 examples of boots brands you can chose from depending on how you are going to use them.

Palladium Boots

If you love adventure and and discovery then palladium boots are for you. It features secured lace-up vamp and protective rubber toecap which keep your feet warm and comfortable during times of cold.


Ugg Boots

Provides universal footwear for men, women and kids be it in the house or out of the house. They are moisture and stain resistant and more comfortable with better traction. They have fleece lining to keep your feet warm during cold weather and dry in hot weather.


Cole Haan Boots

At Cole Haan, you will find tall and over the knee boots for women. It provides the best winter gear for work and play for men, women and kids. They come in different sizes and styles for example work boots (water proof, Steel toe), combat, western, chukkas, military boot among others. They feature a thick leather upper and padded suede ankle.


Harley Davidson Boots

For those who love to ride, at Harley’s you will find various styles and sizes of motorcycle boots for both men and women. You will also find casual leather boots, steel toe boots and water proof boots for both indoor and outdoor activities.


Wrangler Boots

At Wranglers you will find boots for work, play fashion for both men and women. Work boots form industrial sites or factories have oil resistant rubber out-sole and a padded collar. Outdoor boots feature weather proof and lightweight materials that help keep the feet warm and dry.


Lacoste Boots

At Lacoste you will find the latest styles and variety of boots for both men and women which range from ankle boots, Lacoste Montbard boots among others.


Woodland Boots

They offer a wide selection and latest trends of boots ranging from men’s snow and camo boots as well as women’s thigh high boots.


Chippewa Boots

Supplies quality rugged boots for various purposes for both men and women. They come in different styles ranging from snow boot, motor cycle boot, safety boot, cow boy boot among others and they are well insulated and waterproof.


Finding the best fit for the feet that requires some little research on the exact kind of boots. A pair of perfect boots fit the kind of task that you are going to undertake be it an indoor or outdoor activity. As you can see that all varieties of boots exist in the market and it is you to decide your perfect march. Go out there and find your perfect boots for healthy feet equals to a healthy performance in every task that you undertake.